Alila Cha-Am Resort, Thailand : Day #4

Note :
I just found out that Alila Cha-Am has rebranded to Hotel de la Paix. Not exactly
sure why there was a change of management, but I hope that the quality of the resort is maintained. On a side note, this change clearly highlights the need for luxury resorts to maintain a high quality website. One just needs to take a look at Alila Hotels & Resorts to see the vast difference. While my blog posts on Alila Cha-Am is backed by my own experience and photographs, it is not an indication of what you will experience at Hotel de la Paix. Do check out TripAdvisor for the latest reviews on the resort!

A slight departure from the norm, I was actually looking forward towards this morning. Usually, we would be filled with dread as the last day of our overseas trip looms. This morning, however, we have an activity lined up!

We’ll be spending some time with Alila’s chef for a cooking class! Thus, we did not sleep in and instead, woke up early for breakfast.

Something special today – honey! Served right out of a honeycomb, it is definitely not something you can see everyday.

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