CingJing Farm [Taiwan]

We were freezing, and winds were strong at such high altitude. The relentless drizzle refused to go away, pelting us with tiny droplets of water. CingJing Farm didn’t exactly turn out as planned. Not exactly the kind of image I would like to associate with CingJing Farm. As it turns out, that was the unique … Read more

[Taiwan] CingJing Starry House (Minsu)

Checking out from Just Sleep Hotel at 6:15am, we had an early bus to catch in order to get to CingJing (清境). We had booked one-way bus tickets because we would be heading from CingJing to TaiChung (台中) later on. Our bus departs from Taipei Main Station (3rd East Gate exit) at 7:00am and arrives at CingJing’s 雲海渡假木屋 at … Read more