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PigGeeks Travel Blog has come a long way. Many moons ago, it was simply a personal blog that I used to pen down my travel adventures. As time goes by, readership has slowly grew as the number of reviews increased.


What We Think

We believe in providing authentic and genuine reviews of properties as well as travel experiences. Have you ever checked-in to a resort or a hotel only to find out that it didn’t quite match up to travel brochures? Or that it hardly resembles the lovely pictures that you’ve seen on that nifty website online?

We have experienced top-notch 5-stars resorts that taught us what exactly great service is. We have blogged about hotels that failed to match our expectations – expectations that were artificially inflated by blatant advertorials.

We help people to avoid undesirable accommodations. We point people towards fantastic hotels, resorts and specialty lodgings.


What We Share

Many of these wonderful properties that we’ve been to have embraced social media and generously tagged us or re-posted our reviews, even in cases when the reviews aren’t exactly perfect. Simply put, our blog reviews are being used to promote their product.

Our reviews reflect the true picture, and the smart audience of the internet age can differentiate between an advertorial and a genuine review. A great property with minor shortcomings is still a great property.

Below are some of the amazing hotels/resorts/airlines that have tagged us on social media.


Quincy Hotel


Volando Urai Spring Spa & Resort


Alila Uluwatu Villas


Qatar Airways


Just Sleep Hotel


Mystery Guest / Shopper

We are freelance mystery shoppers for an international hospitality group that provides services exclusively for the global hospitality industry, including hotels, restaurants, spas, cruises, and venues worldwide. When we perform a review, specific benchmarks are taken and attributes are evaluated.

In addition to a blog review, objective and insightful information that can be used to elevate guest experience would be provided.


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Interested in advertising or sending us on a sponsored stay/visit? Drop me a message at our contact form and I promise to reply you as soon as possible.

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