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As a couple, there are plenty of things that are special and unique to us. Things that make sense to possibly, just two for us. It is like a recurring theme, somewhat like a running gag that you often find in sitcoms or movies.

We have frequently referred to each other as pigs, partly because of our affinity to both food and sleep. I guess initially it was because one of us liked to sleep and the other, eat? The lines seemed to have blurred along the way. Oh well, not that it matters. The words kind of stuck anyway.

To a certain extent, deep down inside, we are still somewhat a geek. No, not exactly otaku kind of geek. Heck, we don’t even look like geeks now! So, there we were, thinking of a name for our cyber-residence.


And then, a magical thing happened. Well well, we have our domain name!



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  1. I’m a photo researcher and I submitted of photo of Buttiesqueak’s from the flickr site for a project I was working on for TRES Semme. I need to get in touch with Shan immediately, as the Art Director is presenting images today! Can you please forward and have her email me? The photo credit is: starysnow photography and is of rain drips running down a glass window with a muted green dark background. It would be used as a background for a TRES Semme campaign. I need to know if she would license the image and as we were only able to supply royalty-free options, would she accept a similar licensing fee?

    Patty Meyers
    San Francisco
    415 922-9599

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