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Alila Cha-Am Resort, Thailand : Day #1, Part 2

Alila Cha-Am Resort, Thailand : Day #1, Part 2

Alila Cha-Am Resort, our sanctuary for a couple of days as we retreated from the hectic lifestyle of our everyday lives.

Continuing where I left off previously, we wandered into the adjacent building – our bedroom and master bathroom. First thing that caught our eyes : a huge, king-size bed to rest our tired bodies!

Our well-travelled soft-toys made the trip to Alila as well. It was always interesting to see our room and bed all made-up, and the staff would take special effort to place our soft-toys nicely back on the bed!

Just like what was available in the living area, an exact replica of the LCD TV and Apple TV are found in our bedroom too. The air-con unit is located in the central column of the room, with the vents located above the TV. (complete with cove-lightings, no less!)

Random shot of the open-concept area for erm, human waste. Transparent glass doors only!

Alas, we’re reached one of my favourite part of our villa – the master bathroom! Extremely luxurious and spacious, equipped with a bathtub, fantastic rain-shower and a dual basin set!

Again, you don’t see the taps at all. The quirky placement makes it impossible not to use their cups for brushing your teeth! Soap and moisturizer are provided, courtesy of Alila.

One thing to highlight – while it looks fantastic, the basin area is a perfect example of design over function. From the pictures, you can see that the basin is actually pretty shallow, which makes for a pretty wet area when water starts splashing out of the basin. Thankfully, we only had to live with it for four days.

Nice bathtub! Not exactly the biggest, but we loved it.

Complimentary Alila shower essentials in nice little pump-bottles.

Another view of the bathtub, with the wooden plank resting across it.

Bath salt and incense for our use during shower, both of which we’ve managed to try during our three nights stay. Pure relaxation.

A little wooden box, that houses a number of treasures. Everything from toothbrush, razor, shower cap, emery board and sewing kit can be found. Based on the endless list of things that were provided, we literally didn’t have to bring our own toiletries. Very thoughtful of Alila indeed!

Pity, we’re particular about using our own cleansing products. Oops.

The one thing that numerous reviewers have raved about Alila Cha-Am, and you can add us to the list too – the rain shower. Mounted at the top of the high ceiling, the soothing and therapeutic jets of water are simply the best. Each and every shower we took was a totally relaxing experience.

The carnage caused by the generous flow of water from the rain shower – guaranteed to make the shower area soaking wet!

As mentioned earlier, the sound system is embedded into the ceiling of both the pool villas. Music to go with a nice long bath? Bose – a luxurious touch.

Satisfied with the exploration of our own pool villa, we ventured outside to walk around Alila Cha-Am. Right at our private pool area, we caught sight of some interesting stuff and a “visitor”. Is that a giant grasshopper?

Besides pool villas, Alila Cha-Am provides plenty of accommodations in the form of individual rooms. Even though we did not have the chance to take a look at the rooms’ interior, we took the opportunity to tour the public areas and take some pictures!

The exterior of the other buildings retain the same, distinctive style.

This is the entrance to the rooms, regardless of which floor you stayed at. Opening the main doors, hanging fixtures that light up at night occupy the hollow interior.

The same large expanse of empty space greets us every time we walk out from our pool villa. This is one aspect that I like a lot here, the fact that luxury of space is flaunted right in your face, which is a far cry from the place we call home – Singapore.

Alas, we’ve come to the beach. If there is one, single flaw of Alila Cha-Am that I’ll have to mention, it is the beach. At this part of Thailand, the beach isn’t really that nice.

So, no white, sandy beach with crystal clear water here. We’ve already read about this before coming here, so it wasn’t a huge surprise to us. The horizon was perfectly devoid of boats and ships, which was rather nice.

Several beach cabanas lay scattered near the coast line. These are available for a romantic, beach-side dinner if you would like to dine under the stars.

Most of the time, the beach area is populated by Caucasians who simply love the sun and the sea. Some are even keen to indulge in a few, topless moments!

Rain-showers near the beach area for a quick rinse after all the fun at the beach!

We headed back to our villa for a short rest before we had our first meal in Thailand. Meals at Alila Cha-Am can be consumed at either of the two restaurants.

Motion is located at ground level, whereas Clouds Loft sits on the rooftop at level two. We chose to eat at Motion for dinner!

During each meal, complimentary bread and pastry are provided free! We never fail to stuff ourselves with these!

Rice Cracker with Curry Minced Pork Dip. Tasted like crispy tidbits to me.

Deep Fried Calamari Rings. Yummy.

Kaffir Lime Curry with Morning Glory. I believe “morning glory” refers to “kang kong” in Singapore.

Seafood Pizza what came with some herb-like stuff, olive oil and cheese. The seafood was very fresh!

Too much food for both of us, really. But then, who cares? We’re here to enjoy ourselves! The level of service by the staff was absolutely superb, and there wasn’t really anything that we could pick on.

Once in a while, we’ll have to repeat ourselves because their understanding of English might not be that good. Coupled with our less-than-perfect English, it made for an interesting combination!

It has been a lovely day at Alila Cha-Am. We were tired after a long day, and rewarded ourselves with a nice, long bath under the soothing rain-shower.

Alila : Surprisingly Different

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