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Posted by on Nov 11, 2012 in Free & Easy, Travel | 0 comments

[Asakusa, Tokyo] Senso-ji and Tempura Daikokuya

[Asakusa, Tokyo] Senso-ji and Tempura Daikokuya

Back from guided tours in Hokkaido, we re-embarked on our free-and-easy adventures in Tokyo! Leaving our hotel in the morning, we made our way to Asakusa to  Senso-ji – an ancient Buddhist temple which happens to be the oldest in Tokyo. But, before that, it is time for brunch!

Before arriving in Japan, we did a little research and chanced upon this eatery that is considered a must-try in Asakusa! The name of the place is Tempura Daikokuya. We have done our homework and managed to find the place before it opens for business. Looking at the picture below, it doesn’t seem too crowded.

Oops. The queue spans all the way around the little building. Seems like both Japanese and us Singaporeans don’t mind the queue where there is delicious food to be had!

Luckily, we were “early” and managed to get a seat when it opened for business. 大黑家 literally translates to Big Black House.

The menu isn’t extensive, and doesn’t have much variety. Well, it doesn’t need to. Many of the people sitting down seemed to be repeat customers and could order without even looking at the menu!

We took a quick glance, made our choices and patiently waited for our food to arrive. It took some time, as the entire place was packed, but it was well worth the wait! The lid couldn’t even cover the bowl as the prawn was too long!

Our verdict? Try it! You won’t regret the wait!

With our tummies full, it was a short walk before we reached Senso-ji. Just look at the massive crowd – it was incredible!

Along the way, there are various food-stalls operating selling all kinds of food.

Despite having just ate at Tempura Daikokuya, we couldn’t resist buying a pack of octopus balls. We have seen these in Japanese dramas all the time, and the octopus balls were indeed huge.

What’s there once we got into the temple? More people! Well, we did all the tourist things in the temple and shall not go into too much details here. Do make a trip to Senso-ji if you’re interested in temples – this is one place you don’t want to miss!


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