Jalan Penang Food Street [Malaysia]

Right in the middle of Georgetown, Penang and feeling hungry? You’re in luck! Walking along Jalan Penang, there is plenty of jaw-dropping good food and as long as you are early and is willing to queue up, good food awaits.

Starting from the end of Jalan Penang which intersects Jalan Sultan Ahmand Shah, we’re going to take a walk down Jalan Penang.

Jalan Penang Road


Jaya Restoran

Before long, you’ll come to this humble but busy Indian restaurant that serves up a good dose of Indian cuisine.

Ordered mee goreng (fried noodles) and a cup of lime juice just to whet our appetite. Good value for money and it taste great!

Jalan Penang

Char Kway Tiao (Stir-Fried Ricecake Strips)

Spotted this stall as we walked along, and although we didn’t buy anything the first time, we eventually bought a packet of it (which they simply dump into a clear plastic bag, haha) back to our hotel. Nothing fantastic although it looked delicious.

Jalan Penang


Line Clear Nasi Kandar

Nasi Kandar is somewhat the equivalent of economy mixed rice – steamed white rice served with a variety of curries or side dishes. You won’t miss this famous stall, which was recommended to us by a local driver.

However, don’t be too happy when you spot this sign – this is where the queue starts, and it extends all the way inside where there is a huge seating area. Too bad for us, the queue was too long so we gave it a miss.

Jalan Penang.


Subway @ Lebuh Leith

If you’re feeling tired and jaded by now, pop by the Subway by Letih Street for a cold drink, air-conditioning and free WIFI! Well, even if you don’t wanna go in, I’ve included the WIFI password here for you – it might still work!

Jalan Penang


Jooi Hooi Cafe Assam Laksa – Lebuh Keng Kwee

Arguably the star attraction of Jalan Penang, Jooi Hooi Cafe’s Assam Laksa is simply too damn good. The first time we came by, it was already sold out so don’t come too late!

Calling it a “cafe” is an overstatement, it is just a hot and stuffy coffeeshop with bad ventilation and limited seats. Even so, the seats are always taken up and you’ll find it difficult to grab a couple of seats here.

Jalan Penang

After a tough fight for seats and a patient wait for the famous Jooi Hooi Assam Laksa, tadah! It might not look like much but this is really, really good.

Some other food offerings here. I wonder if many people buy these? Every table seemed to have bowls of assam laksa.


Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul

Right outside the Jooi Hooi Cafe is this famous little stall that operates out of a mobile cart. Our very own Phua Chu Kang on the signboard.

Jalan Penang

This picture looks deceivingly quiet for the chendul stall. On a busy morning/afternoon, the queue is ridiculously long and you’ll be in for another long wait.


Georgetown Murals

The shops and buildings in Georgetown area, including those along Jalan Penang are sometimes artistically painted. Old walls have gained a new lease of life thanks to these street art.

Hunting down these street art can be a quest of its own, and these are numerous of these in Georgetown.

Need a street art map? Check THIS out.

Walking along Lebuh Chulia, it seemed though we were transported back to Singapore in the olden days. Look at these vintage looking posters for barber/salon equipment!

Endless rows of shophouses here as well.

Since when is anything Singapura cheap? And I thought we’re the newly crowned most expensive city in the world, hurhur.

Subway@Leith Street, Penang

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