Four Fun Things To Try In Taipei [Taiwan]

1. Visit a Drugstore/Pharmacy

A “drugstore”, which is the equivalent of what we know as Watson or Guardian in Singapore. However, a drugstore in Taiwan is much like those in Japan, selling a wide range of beauty products. If you’re too lazy to lug your toiletries overseas, or have simply forgotten to bring any, I’m sure you’ll be able to find something here. Meanwhile, check out the interesting products on sale here!


2. Enjoy A (High Speed) Railway Bento

Originally sold inside railway stations or on-board trains, a railway bento usually consists of a main with one or more side dishes. Nowadays, you can even grab it at a convenience store!

We bought our railway bento while taking the HSR from Taichung to Taipei, which came with a pork cutlet, braised egg, broccoli and stuff I can’t really recognize. Uber delicious!


3. Catch A Movie

If you took an early morning flight to Taiwan (arrival 6:00am) like us, chances are you would have plenty of time to spare. We decided to catch a movie here since pretty much nothing is open for business yet. At the same time, we could take the time to rest for a little bit.

Movie tickets here at Taiwan aren’t exactly cheap – in fact comparable to the prices in Singapore at NT$260. Looks like we bought our tickets at 9:23am >.<


4. Catch Soft-Toys At UFO-Catcher

For us, a Taiwan trip would be incomplete without going crazy at the UFO-catchers. How could you resist the temptation of the cuddly fur-balls in the machine?!

Sadly, the number of UFO-catches have steadily declined in Taiwan compared to a few years ago.  Well, we’re gonna keep catching while we still can!

2 thoughts on “Four Fun Things To Try In Taipei [Taiwan]”

  1. HI

    Where is the address of the UFO machines that you visited?
    Are there many of such arcades in Taiwan?

  2. Hi Yvonne,

    This was some time ago but I recall there used to be UFO machines (not many) along Dan Shui Old Street as well as Ximending. During the last trip, there was noticeably less of such arcades, and they have become smaller in size, unfortunately.

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