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Posted by on Jan 18, 2013 in Specialty Lodging | 1 comment

[Hakone] Yama No Chaya – Ryokan Breakfast

[Hakone] Yama No Chaya – Ryokan Breakfast

Good Morning, Japan! What better way to start the day with  a sumptuous, Japanese-style breakfast! Breakfast timing was pre-arranged the day before so that the Ryokan has time to prepare the food for us.

The keys to our special room are engraved with the name of the room.

Once again, I don’t quite recall what we’re eating, but I believe the pictures should give you erm, some idea? Well, as least we know there are tamago, assorted pickled items and shredded chicken.

Just like dinner last night, breakfast is served in our room, and by the same lady who explains to us what is being served.

If you think that’s all, you’ll be glad to know you’re wrong. There is more to come! Seems like fish is a must-have dish in every meal here. This time, it’s the grilled version.

Pineapple, tofu and mushrooms!

Last but not least, white rice and soup to end off the satisfying Ryokan breakfast.
Sheer bliss.

This might remind you a little bit of the breakfast that we had at JR Tower Hotel, but this is definitely a much more authentic experience. Remember to have your meals at a Ryokan if you have the chance to do so and enjoy the experience!

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