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Posted by on Jan 25, 2010 in Resort | 0 comments

Langkawi Lagoon Resort : Day #1

Langkawi Lagoon Resort : Day #1

[ Langkawi trip was made back in November 2008 ]

A very, very backdated post, and this was the very first resort trip that started it all. I absolutely cannot recall how we even chose this resort. I vaguely remember there was this $5 promotional price, excluding taxes and surcharges, for a Malaysia Airlines air ticket. I think we booked the air tickets before we even chose a place to live at.

I hardly think this will happen to us now. Impossible.

Spending Shan’s birthday overseas seemed like a good idea and so, we booked our air tickets, confirmed our resort, signed up for a half-day tour and off we went for a 3D2N stay in Langkawi! Well, the fact that Shan was sick was a real bummer, so I got the chance to take good care of her.

Hopped on the flight, not exactly knowing what to expect on Malaysia Airlines. Weird, it seems. I could almost count the number of people on the flight with both my hands. Low season, perhaps? The flight was pretty good, not shabby at all and with enough time to squeeze in a simple meal of pasta.

An hour and a half later, we touched down at Langkawi. The good old tarmac floor!

Zipped by the customs, since there wasn’t much people to process anyway. Met by a representative from our resort, holding a card with my name on it. I can get used to this! A short ride (15-minutes or less?) later, we’re checking in at our resort! Checked in while we’re given a welcome-drink, some sort of a greenish, tropical fruit punch?

Pretty surprised when we were led to a buggy that was already waiting at the lobby – somewhat like a golf cart lookalike. Loaded our luggage and took a seat as we were given a short lift to our room. No walking!

As we approach our accommodation, wowee. Oh, in case you missed the title of this post, we stayed at the Langkawi Lagoon Resort – Sea Village Studio Suite. As the name implies, our ‘room’ is located in a water bungalow on stilts, built over the lagoon. Depending on which unit you are given, you will end up facing different directions. We got the one with the sunset view =p

The place was nice and clean, albeit a little worn which could be seen from the wood dust found at little corners around the room. Spent some time unpacking our luggage and settling down – Shan could do with some rest since she wasn’t feeling too well. Opened my luggage and surprised her with ..

Their very first trip overseas it seems. Who would have guessed they would have their second and third trip as well! Went over to Kuah Town area for dinner, and bought some necessities at the shopping mall over there – including a themometer =|

Interestingly, the cab drivers at Langkawi charge a flat rate for their services, and you get to negotiate a price before getting in the cab. Thankfully, our trust in the cab drivers was repaid in full when we got to our destinations despite not being able to communicate fully in English.

Day #1 – it has been a good trip so far. You get the feeling that people here are genuinely nice, and the service at the resort is definitely way better than anything we’ve come across in Singapore. The seemingly laid-back lifestyle of the island is great for a relaxing getaway.

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