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Posted by on May 17, 2014 in Hotel, Staycation | 0 comments

Marina Bay Sands Staycation [Singapore]

Marina Bay Sands Staycation [Singapore]

First of all, many thanks to my lovely parents who gave us a mini-staycation – a free one-night stay at Marina Bay Sands (MBS)! Dropping by after work, we went up to our room to drop off our bags before heading to Rasapura Masters  (aka food court) for dinner.

Marina Bay Sands – Wonder Full light shows runs everyday at 8:00pm and 9:30pm with an additional 11:00pm timing for Fridays and Saturdays.

To be honest, I have no idea what room we stayed in. Looks somewhat like a Club Room to me? We were at 47th storey in Room 4790.

Opening the main door reveals a spacious passage and a set of doors on the right which separates the bathroom.

Pretty standard room switches – Marina Bay Sands provides an key card (in grey) to power up the room, in addition to the two access cards. Instead of having a manual deadbolt, you can flick the lever (automatic deadbolt) which achieves the same thing electronically, I assume.

It has been quite a while since I’ve been in a hotel room with a bathroom that one can literally sleep in – it is enormous!

Ultra-luxurious bathtub here. The doors to the bathroom help to keep the cold air out while you’re having a nice soak in the tub.

His & Hers – no conflict here!

Small stool is thoughtfully provided here, something which we hardly see.

The W.C. and the shower cubicle are separated. Notice the sitting area?! The luxury of space is refreshing and not something that is common in all-so-expensive Singapore.

Premium TOTO bathroom accessories. Oops, you mean there is no rain-shower?

Along the passageway is a concealed wardrobe & safe by the side.

A view of our messy room! Again, notice the vast amount of walking space despite having a king-size bed, twin bedside tables, a TV console, a working desk and a chaise longue.

Hidden in the TV console is a minibar – we’ll come to that later!

Well-illuminated working desk.

Even the humble remote control has a customized holder.

Everything is freaking expensive at Marina Bay Sands! I checked out the in-room dining menu prior to having dinner – four chicken wings cost a whooping SGD$22! We ended up grabbing a bunch of tidbits from 7-11, heh.

The night view high up at Marina Bay Sands is absolutely lovely. Our room is on the side of Tower 3 that faces the sea with a pretty decent view of Gardens by the Bay. The illuminated towers of Gardens by the Bay continue well into the night. I’m sure it would be awesome on new year’s eve with all the ships firing their flares up into the sky.

During daytime, we are presented with a totally different view. When the doors to the balcony are opened, the eco-friendly system dutomatically shuts down the air-conditioning. Cool huh?

I bet this is one of the most well-stocked minibar you’ve ever seen, right? Before you succumb to temptation and reach out to grab something, do take note ..

Ha! Beware.

Of course, how could we miss out the opportunity to head up to the infinity pool up at 57th storey that is only accessible to hotel guests? Do take note that each guest will need to present one room card to gain access.

Lucky for us, the guy let us through even though we only brought along one card.

Holding our mobile phones carefully, we made our way slowly to the edge to enjoy the view and snap some photos! The view was breathtaking to say the least.

We didn’t bother to head over to the SkyPark area since we have already been there before. Without a doubt, Marina Bay Sands is an iconic structure which has transformed the skyline of Singapore. While I don’t exactly dig the crowd and rowdy atmosphere at level one, the room itself turned out to be of pretty exceptional quality. The highlight was definitely the infinity pool at the top of the hotel!

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