Paradise Asia

If you were to ask me, I’m not exactly sure we got started with our fascination with resorts.

In the beginning, there wasn’t any real desire to visit a resort. Back then in 2008, we had barely worked for over a year. Langkawi Lagoon Resort was a convenient and affordable trip for a short getaway. It was nothing too fanciful, other than being a studio suite that sits on stilts, over the water.

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Japamala Resort – Day #4, 19th June 2009

Nothing exciting was planned for Day #4, as time was running short for us. Roamed around the beach after a marvellous breakfast at The Tamarind. Went to the other end of the beach and saw the beach house that they’re constructing. No worries though, throughout our time at Japamala we detected absolutely no noise as … Read more

Japamala Resort – Day #3, 18th June 2009

We woke up to the sound of the waves yet again after the highlight of our vacation last night. Our third day at Japamala began with our first ever spa experience! Being newbies to the various spa treatments available, we got ourselves a package, “Above & Beyond”, that involves a head massage and a feet … Read more