Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大 Pre-Paid SIM Card [Taiwan]

If you want to get hold of a pre-paid 3G SIM Card in Taiwan, you’ve come to the right place! After we arrived in Taiwan, we headed to a Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大 outlet and requested to purchase a pre-paid SIM card.

The package looks like the one below, with a stored value of NT$500, which can be used for voice and data usage. By default, the entire NT$500 value is for voice calls. Also, you’ll need to bring along your passport for identification purposes (they’ll need to make a photocopy of it).

To activate the unlimited data plan, you will need to tell the staff how many days of unlimited data you need. The price structure is as follows :

Mobile Broadband 1-day = NT$100 (min)
Mobile Broadband 3-day = NT$250
Mobile Broadband 5-day = NT$350
Mobile Broadband 7-day= NT$450 (max)

We activated a 7-day unlimited data plan, which used up NT$450 of the stored value, leaving NT$50 for voice calls. The data plan lasts for 24-hours * number of days, starting from the time of activation. For example, if you were to activate it on 7th December 2:00pm, it would last until 14th December 1:59pm.

If your trip is more than 7 days, further renewal of the data plan can only be done after the 7th day.

[box type=”info”] The minimum value per top-up is NT$300, even if you only require another NT$50 to extend the unlimited data plan by one day.[/box]

The default package contains a normal SIM card. If you need a micro SIM card, let the staff know and they will give you a micro SIM instead. We went to Taiwan Mobile on the 8th day to top up our pre-paid SIM card, and the helpful staff wrote down the instructions for us on a slip of paper.

For more information, check out Taiwan Mobile 台灣大哥大 official website.

Making Calls in Taiwan

Example of Taiwan Mobile Number : (886) 09-87872768

Country Code : 886
Area Code [2-digit] : 09 (Taipei)

Sometimes, Taiwanese would omit the “0” in the “09” and quote their number as +886-987872768 instead. To call this number when in Taiwan, you would dial 0987872768.

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