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Posted by on Apr 24, 2013 in Specialty Lodging | 0 comments

[Taichung] Mulan Motel

[Taichung] Mulan Motel

Three years ago, we had a blast when we stayed at Mulan Motel in Taipei. Interestingly, it is the third most viewed post in my travel blog, averaging 5 views a day since it was posted in 2010!

After that unforgettable trip, I would always advise friends and relatives to stay a night at a motel for an extravagant experience. This time round, we planned our itinerary accordingly and dropped by the Taichung branch of Mulan Motel instead!

In case you’re wondering, a motel isn’t like your regular hotel. No hotel lobby or anything like that. Typically, they have their own garage so that couples can check in discreetly.

Most of the photos are heavily edited as the mood lighting in the suite is too dim.

Entering the suite, we’re greeted with a huge living area.

I like to post fire escape plans. Besides giving you an idea of how to flee in case of emergencies, it shows the layout of the entire property. We’re located at the top left corner, which was furthest away from the entrance/exit.

Our suite is one of the largest available – the Water Dance suite. There are 6 Water Dance suites in Mulan Taichung, 2 of them are 198sqm with outdoor pool, while 4 of them are 264sqm with outdoor garden. To put things into perspective, my apartment in Singapore occupies only 90sqm. *sigh*

The spacious living area comes with a full-size sofa. We’ve seen blog posts of people booking the suite and holding events like parties here.

The washing area is nicely decorated with all the necessary toiletries provided.

The toiletries are stored in an exquisite box – how thoughtful of them to include a hair-clip as well.

Behind the enormous horizontal mirror is the loo/bathroom. With the walls covered entirely in black mosaic tiles, it gets pretty dark (and creepy) at night in here. During the day time, the window provides a secondary source of light.

Here’s another shot of the living area. Beyond the glass panels is small outdoor area.

We didn’t get the chance to try out the player. As mentioned previously, some people hold parties or events here so this would come in pretty handy, I guess?

And ..

The outdoor pool! Like Mulan Motel in Taipei, this is a pretty large swimming pool that you can actually swim in. Sadly, we visited Taiwan in the month of December, which means the water is pretty darn cold since the pool is not heated in Winter.

We were too tired and didn’t want to risk catching a cold or something (our previous days spent in Cing Jing were freezing cold), and so we reluctantly gave it a miss. Meh.

The pool is clean with no bugs/leaves etc. Wouldn’t it have been great in the lovely summer to dip in the pool and sun tan out here?

As a consolation, we treated ourselves to a relaxing shower in the indoor bathtub Jacuzzi. The mini screen on the left is splash-proof for watching TV!

It is pretty slippery when the area is wet. The black friction-strips prevent accidental falls when getting in and out of the wet shower area. Mulan Motel being very thoughtful again here.

Last but not least, we get to the final area of the suite – the bedroom. It is DARK in here. The mattress lies on a platform, with the bottom being illuminated with blue neon lights.

Water cooler. Coffee. Tea. Snacks. Mini bar.

If you fancy any of the items in the suite, you can bring them home for a price? Seriously, who would want to buy a clothes hanger or soap dish here?!

Just like Mulan in Taipei, the room is furnished with a huge TV set that comes with erm .. Adult entertainment.

Another shot of the room from a different angle.

My lovely wife liaised with Mulan Motel to give me a surprise on my birthday. The end result was a bottle of delicious sweet wine (product of Taiwan!) and a small cake just for the two of us. Thanks babe!

The next morning, breakfast bentos were placed on a tray and delivered to our suite.

There’s milk tea, egg pudding, porridge, an assortment of simple items, pastry and sandwich. Nothing fantastic here as the food got cold pretty quickly due to the cold winter.

Ending off this with our well-travelled companions whose looking so darn cute here!

Mulan Motel Website

Check in (weekdays) : 6pm
Check-in (weekends) : 9pm
Check-out : 12pm
Water Dance Suite (Sunday – Thursday) : 6,360NT


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