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Posted by on Dec 23, 2012 in Specialty Lodging | 0 comments

[Taiwan] CingJing Starry House (Minsu)

[Taiwan] CingJing Starry House (Minsu)

Checking out from Just Sleep Hotel at 6:15am, we had an early bus to catch in order to get to CingJing (清境). We had booked one-way bus tickets because we would be heading from CingJing to TaiChung (台中) later on. Our bus departs from Taipei Main Station (3rd East Gate exit) at 7:00am and arrives at CingJing’s 雲海渡假木屋 at about 12:00pm.

Arriving at Taipei Main Station, a lady approached us (we must really looked like we’re headed to CingJing or something) and confirmed our attendance, directing us to our tour bus. Hmm, that was easy? I was kind of worried that we’re not gonna be able to find our bus!

The journey was pretty long but comfortable because we get to sleep on the bus. Along the way, the tour bus picked up more and more passengers at designated pick-up points. Also, the lady who approached us earlier turned out to be in charge of this bus trip and was giving everyone on the bus some information as we travelled – we were too tired and were hardly paying any attention.

The bus climbed in altitude as we gets nearer to CingJing, navigating bends and winding roads. At times, it was so foggy and we couldn’t see anything outside at all. Alas, we alighted at 雲海渡假木屋. Made a call to Mr. Lee (李大哥) of CingJing Starry House (清境觀星園民宿) to pick us up, who provides free shuttle services to his guests.

After a short 5-minutes journey, we arrived at our accommodation for the day –

At CingJing, CingJing Starry House is the highest home-stay (民宿), which is why the view here is simply amazing, and you get to see the various home-stays below. There are rooms located on both the first and second floor of the main building. The rooms on the second floor have balconies.

There is an outdoor deck with breath-taking views. Depending on the weather, sometimes it seems that we are among the clouds!

Directly below the deck is the second dining area, with the first dining area in the main building. Staying at CingJing Starry House comes with complimentary breakfast and a steamboat dinner. We get to enjoy this beautiful view during our breakfast.

As you can see, the guests are all here during breakfast time before leaving for their daily activities.

Delicious food prepared by Mr. Lee’s wife!

Interestingly, we got to stay in a separate cabin all by ourselves while we were at CingJing Starry House. Before we get to the pictures of our room, this is a home-stay after all so we were not expecting hotel standards.

Even though we had booked a double room, we were given one with two double-beds instead! The room has simple furnishings, and an attached bathroom. There is (hot/cold) drinking water, a TV and a hairdryer in the room.

The only problem we had was the freezing cold, because we stayed here in December – we wouldn’t have survived without the heating pads on the mattresses.

The reception area inside the main building was where we had our steamboat dinner, which was nice. It was decorated with pictures and plenty of hand-written notes from the guests, mostly praising the warm hospitality of Mr. Lee and his wife.

We spotted a Singapore map on the table, and heard from Mr. Lee that the place is very popular with Singapore tourists.

Toby, the resident Husky, is very well-behaved and a favourite with kids.

One of our best meal in Taiwan : steamboat with preserved vegetables soup-base. After being out in the freezing cold for the whole day, it is simply heavenly to enjoy a hot meal at “home”. It helps that the food portions were pretty generous!

Staying at CingJing Starry House is an unique experience, and one that we’ll remember for plenty of reasons. Look past the simply furnished rooms and basic amenities and you’d see that the true strengths of CingJing Starry House lies with the warm hospitality (Mr. Lee would offer to plan your itinerary and find the most affordable driver for you) and of course the amazing views up here.

Price : NT$1980 per night for a double-room
Includes : Complimentary breakfast and dinner

Starry House Website Starry House TripAdvisor


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