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Posted by on Dec 7, 2011 in Specialty Lodging | 0 comments

[Batam Island] Tempat Senang

[Batam Island] Tempat Senang

Just before our wedding, the two of us scooted off to Batam for a quick, day-spa session at Tempat Senang. Nope, we did not stay for the night and thus, we could not speak for the room and accommodation. The food was pretty OK though.

Instead, we opted to travel by ferry to Batam in the morning, and return to Singapore in the afternoon. After arrival at Batam Ferry Terminal (Sekupang), a staff of Tempat Senang picked us up and drove us to the resort, a mere 5-minutes away.

Our 3-hour spa lasted from 9am to 12pm. Guided to the reception area, we were given a clear explanation of the spa treatments and the typical how-things-work-around-here talk, which helped us decide which treatment to go for.

As the #1 Batam destination on TripAdvisor, the place did not disappoint us. Service was prompt and good. At the rate of about SGD$100 for a 3-hour session, the massage was great and definitely value for money. Carried out in a couple-room with its own shower facilities, it provided ample privacy for us.

If you’re wondering about the lack of photos, it is because we’re really too exhausted during our wedding preparation that we didn’t have the mood to take any. Next time, we’ll be back with the photos for sure!

Slightly invigorated and feeling all jelly-like after the massage session, we had lunch and ordered a platter of some sort, I think.

With the ferry ride priced at about SGD$50/pax, it didn’t cost us an arm or a leg to get to Tempat Senang for a little getaway. Would we be back? Definitely! Perhaps we’ll bundle in a one-night stay in future for a more complete experience!

Tempat Senang : Batam’s Hidden Oasis

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