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[Bali] Alila Villas Uluwatu : Overview

[Bali] Alila Villas Uluwatu : Overview

As always, we didn’t wake up early for breakfast. Not to worry, breakfast is served at Cire until 11am. There are two restaurants at Alilas Villas Uluwatu – Cire (pronounced as “Seer”) and The Warung.

  • Cire serves “contemporary western cuisine prepared with regional produce”.
  • The Warung serves “traditional and wholesome Indonesian & Balinese cuisine.”.

Took a little bit of time before the camera lens literally warmed up, which explains the foggy picture.

We got to Cire, and were promptly given a seat. There is a daily menu that changes from day to day, and it looks like something below :

Breakfast is served ala carte buffet style. Basically, you can choose from any number of items (food and drinks) from the menu, and the kitchen would prepare it for you.

Upon ordering our food, we were given a choice of having our food served item by item, or all at once – we decided on having them all at once.

It is interesting to note that on subsequent days, our food would always be served all at once without them having to ask us the same question again. Check out below for a selection of some of the food we ordered!

Scrambled eggs on toast with seared mushroom.

Grilled sour dough with ham and gratinated cheese sauce.

Chicken sausage and bacon.

Potato salad with crispy bacon.

We ordered cappuccino. Pick from a wide range of drinks such as smoothie, fresh fruit juice, coffee and tea. One tip – ask about what juice is available! Sometimes, certain fruit juice don’t appear on the menu.

Some other items like baked beans didn’t make it into my pictures, nothing too special about them. Asian food such as black rice porridge and sticky rice dumpling are also available. Only a day ago, we were still living the 9-to-6 working life. It was a huge contrast to what we’re doing now – having a big and hearty breakfast at 10am in the morning, enjoying the view and serenity of the place.

After a satisfying breakfast, it is time to explore the resort and take in the surroundings!

There are a couple of cabanas like the ones below, lining along the cliff edge and facing directly at the ocean.

The  Sunset Cabana extending over the edge, seemingly stretching into the horizon.

Another view of the postcard-perfect Sunset Cabana. On both Friday and Saturday, there was a wedding being held at the Sunset Cabana. We had a little chat with the staff, and were told that wedding ceremonies happen almost every other day at the Sunset Cabana.

The interior of the Sunset Cabana – an excellent place for chilling out at night.

Looking out from the Sunset Cabana, we could see where the ocean meets the cliff edge. The waves here are definitely not gentle at all!

Located at the southern coast of Bali, the Indian ocean lies ahead with absolutely nothing on the horizon except clouds. Seemed like bad weather ahead with some gray skies, even though there wasn’t a single drop of rain during our 4 days at Uluwatu.

Turning our attention to other areas of the resort, we located a cabana that is actually high up at the second level.

From the higher vantage point, we could see the roof-tops of the lobby are actually littered with volcanic stones. These are supposed to an eco-friendly way of keeping temperatures down in tropical Bali by absorbing the heat.

A view of the infinity pool from high up.

On the right is The Warung restaurant.

The small gym is relatively well-equipped – didn’t spot anyone using it at all during our stay.

Thoughtfully placed towels and bottles of water.

The gym’s restroom has an open concept which gives things a rather unique twist.

Throughout our stay in Alila, we noticed that there are various kinds of Alila products (shampoo, bath gels, body lotions etc) like these. Feel free to help yourselves to them as they’re complimentary!

Even the erm, toilet bowl .. has an open concept.

A dragonfly decided to drop by while I was there!

Pretty much of an overkill, but the library was huge and very well-stocked with the latest newspapers like International Herald Tribune and our very own, The Straits Times.

Two iMacs are free for use – we spotted some guests printing documents here.

Enormous reading table in the middle of the library, again with complimentary bottled water.

Some of the reading materials at the library.

The view from the lobby towards the ocean.

More of these volcanic rocks along the sheltered passage ways.

There is dedicated, spacious yoga pavilion, where there are free classes every morning. We didn’t manage to wake up early enough to drop by to take a look.

The Alila landscaping is beautiful with a terrace-like design. Plenty of green stuff! Every morning, gardeners would toil under the sun to keep these in tip-top conditions – removing algae from ponds, picking up fallen leaves, etc.

The “club cars” that I mentioned earlier. The only time we took them was on the day we arrived at the resort. The walk to/from our villa wasn’t that bad actually, and we chose to walk when we had to.

The directions to the villas are on slabs of stones in the ponds. Each villa number has 3 digits. The first one indicates the row – 1 for the lowest level, and 4 the highest. The second and third digit is the villa number at the particular row.

The stairs we needed to climb to get to the villas on row 2, from row 1.

No details were spared – the gush of flowing waters all the way from the top.

More flora!

The view of the cabana belonging to a pool villa on a higher level.

More pictures to come in my follow-up post!
In Part 2 of Day #1, I’ll be covering our pool villa, our lunch and dinner!

Alila Villas Uluwatu – Suprisingly Different

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