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Posted by on Apr 27, 2012 in Resort, Travel | 2 comments

[Bali] Alila Villas Uluwatu : Pool Villa

[Bali] Alila Villas Uluwatu : Pool Villa

Before we take a look at our fabulous pool villa, let me explain the details on our key-chain.  The villa we’re staying in is 311 – I had requested for a higher level one before we arrived but this was the best they can do. On the key-chain, there is three coin-like circular disc, representing 3. The 11 engraved on the top disc is obviously our villa number – a nice and simple way to remind us of our room number!

The entrance to our villa is plain and simple, with a heavy wooden door.

Entering the villa, our super-comfortable bed is just a few steps away. Prior to our stay, we had filled up a web-form indicating the type of pillows that we’d like. That is why we have three additional pillows in front, including the boomerang-shaped one. There are glass/wooden panels behind the bed that we can shift and slide to block out the sun.

A simple work desk. Doubt any guest would actually want to WORK here at Alila.

The living area is actually pretty spacious. The round table is where we ate at last night after room service was delivered. The LCD TV is mounted, and can be turned towards the bed. Located behind the wooden console is the vanity area.

The day-bed area with plenty of sunlight. Again, entire glass/wooden panels can be slide out or kept depending on the time of the day. In the picture below, the wooden panels are kept, but the glass windows are still in place.

Another shot of the bath tub in daylight where the bubble bath was prepared last night.

If you look closely at the picture above, you’ll notice that there is a concave slot cut into the bathtub. Opening the leather-clad container, you’ll find more Alila products such as sun tanning oil, sunscreen, mask, etc. Don’t worry if you forget to bring your own sun-tanning products!

The vanity area is directly connected to the outdoor area, and this side gives access to the pool as well.

The first of two shower area – the indoor shower with massage jets. Located on both sides of the bathroom walls, these massage jets can be powered up for more intense sprays. Forgot to take a picture of the ceiling – a rain shower is installed.

The second shower is an outdoor one, with a hand-held shower head and rain-shower as well.

TOTO tornado flush technology – don’t ask me why I know it.

The glass windows being kept by sliding it to the sides. Now, you can leap into the pool right from the day bed!

Full view of our private pool and cabana! The pool is actually big enough to swim in! We loved the pool, which was kept clean throughout our entire stay at the villa.

Our two sun-loungers by the side of the pool.

Our private cabana. In the previous post, the view of the cabana from the other side is shown. All three sides of the cabana has blinds that can be drawn.

The view from our pool villa – not too fantastic. Further down are actually rows 1 and 2 of the pool villas. The pool area is sufficiently private and discreet to be able to do some skinny-dipping and topless sun-tanning if you’d like to. Just avoid walking too near to the cabana!

View of the pool villa from the cabana. Nice, eh?

The secret passage where the butler can access our villa. We had indicated that we wanted privacy during our stay (again, indicated in the web-form prior to our stay) so this wasn’t really used at all.

The vanity area has two sides, for “Him” and “Her”.

After our first night at the villa, we had placed our necessities (contact lens casing, spectacles, etc) by the side of the basin. Upon returning to our villa, we realized that their staff has placed a small white towel underneath our items on both sides of the basin to keep them dry – a very nice touch.

For sure, the design at Alila Villas Uluwatu is much more functional and practical than that of Alila Cha-Am (e.g. stylish but awfully shallow basin).

Each day, the toiletries in the respective holders are replenished as long as you’re taken any item out of it. The items provided are bath gel, shampoo, conditioner, body lotion, soap and lip balm. You have no idea how much of these Alila amenities we carted home in our luggage!

No more living out of our suitcase! A very spacious wardrobe area. Hats are provided to shield the Mister and Missus from the sun. On the bottom, you can see a hand-carry bag which is a souvenir from Alila – useful for carrying stuff around in the resort, after which we can bring home after checking out.

Illy coffee pod (we have the same coffee as home!) and TWG tea are routinely replenished. Tried out the coffee machine during our afternoon swimming session.

The minibar was fully stocked with non-alcoholic drinks. Request for alcohol if you so desire!

The safe is hidden in the drawer, near to the TV area.

We had indicated our music preference previously, and Alila has loaded the iPod Nano with a selection of jazz, hip-hop and chill-out music.

One last thing to point out regarding the subtle aspects – if you look at the picture below, the top portion is actually of the ventilated wooden vents where the speakers are hidden in. This way, music (or audio) can be heard throughout the villa, even when enjoying a relaxing bubble bath!

Alila Villas Uluwatu – Suprisingly Different



  1. Wow, nice place! May I know how much is the stay, and how long is the vacation? I’m always skeptical about going to bali, felt it’s dangerous.

  2. Hi easybreezy,

    There is a variety of different rates depending on when your stay is, and what package you’re intending to get. You can refer to Alila’s website for more details (see below). Ours was a 4 days, 3 nights vacation. We didn’t want to venture outside of the resort and were contented to just enjoy the facilities at Alila Uluwatu, so safety obviously wasn’t an issue at the resort.

    Hope this helps!


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