Amana Villas, Seminyak [Bali]

Truth be told, Amana Villas didn’t feature in our plans initially. Typically, we would stay in the same property for the entire vacation to minimize the hassle of transferring to another location. Somehow, we broke away from the tradition and decided to stay for a night here. We’re glad we did!

Amana Villas was one of the pool villas that we have short-listed for our Bali getaway after an extensive search online, and we mean it when we say extensive! I’m pretty lucky in the sense that the missus and myself have similar preferences, and both of us were attracted to the unique waterfall concept of Amana Villas.

Getting To Amana Villas

We didn’t get the private transfer option from Amana Villas and instead made a booking from Sun Transfers at half the price. Mini-drama when we got out of the airport but failed to spot our driver. There were too many drivers waiting there! A kind Balinese gentleman saw our lost faces and directed us to the customer service counter where they made an announcement via the PA system. Found our driver within seconds!

Many of the pool villas in Seminyak are hidden away from the main roads so make sure you have a general idea of how to get to your villa – a map is always helpful! Right between Red Carpet and Cocomart along “Eat Street” is a tiny path that leads to Amana Villas.

Amana Villas has a comprehensive guest experience program (contains tonnes of information and you can indicate your preferences for food and music etc) which they will email to you prior to your arrival, which was a lovely touch. Kind of reminded me of what Alila does as well.

The reception area is simple and elegant. A quick verification of credentials and we were led to our Waterfall Villa where we could check-in in the comfort of our own villa.

Our Waterfall Villa number – 201. Do note that there are three types of accommodation here at Amana – Pool Villa, Waterfall Villa and Signature Villa.

Design-wise, Amana Villas is very much unlike other villas we have been to. Occupying two-levels, the concept of space seemingly extends upwards instead. Upon entering the Waterfall Villa, the first thing which greets you is a flight of stairs. Looks like a little exercise is in store for us.

Waterfall Villa Living Area

With the entire pool villa occupying 80 sqm., the second level is the living and dining area all rolled into one with glorious sunlight coming in.

As our private butler explained to us how the villa works, he retrieved a set of welcome drinks and cakes from the fridge for us. Looks fantastic huh?

As we took refuge from the afternoon heat (in-villa check-in is awesome), a portable scanner is used to make a copy of our passports which was the first time we have seen something like it. During the check-in process, we made small-talk with our butler and learnt that he has been to Singapore many years ago. I have always loved chatting with the locals while travelling and found that we can learn much, much more about the place we’re visiting.

Interestingly, a complimentary SIM card is provided to guests. A really good idea if you ask me, since we could use it to make calls in emergencies, or call Amana Villas when we are out of the villa to request for complimentary transfer.

A card-phone is also provided, which is really just a tiny little phone with the numbers of the villa pre-loaded and ready for use. We could simply bring this out with us!

Light cooking can be done if you want – not for us!

Minibar is well-stocked with drinks! To save you a few bucks, you can head to the supermarket called Cocomart just a few metres away from Amana Villas and buy drinks from there.

Basic entertainment with cable TV. The Bose iPod dock comes pre-loaded with the type of music we have selected. The speaker may not seem huge but it sure packs a punch!

We opened the windows and were able to hear the music from the pool. Oops – sorry if we disturbed our neighbours.

To get to our pool, there is a little path by the side.

Lining the villa walls are bamboo, a recurring theme found throughout Amana Villas. While the pool isn’t exactly huge, which we already knew prior to checking-in, at least it is big enough to swim in it.

As water is pumped into the swimming pool, the excess water would flow down from the edge of the pool into the pond below.

This is what creates the tranquility of trickling water which can heard from the bedroom below at level one. This is also why our villa is named Waterfall Villa.

Waterfall Villa Bedroom and Bathroom

Stairs on either side of the villa would lead to level one where the bedroom and bathroom are located.

Hmmm. An outdoor bathtub?

Enjoy a nice soak at night while gazing at stars.

Vanity counter is well-stocked with toiletries. Notice the umbrellas by the side? Well, if it rains, the stairs are not sheltered so you’ll need to use them to get upstairs.

On either side are the WC and the shower cubicle. The mirror panels can actually be moved, and sliding them to the side would create a single open space.

In line with Amana Villas support for eco-living and preservation of the environment, linen are 100% made from bamboo instead of cotton.

As mosquitoes are a problem in many parts of Bali, you don’t have to worry here. Amana Villas have electronic mosquitoes repellent that you can plug into the wall socket. We even brought our own but didn’t need to use it.

Breakfast & In-Room Dining

For your daily breakfast, you get to select what you would like to have, and at what time for breakfast to be served. The most difficult decisions when on a holiday huh? What to eat.. When to eat..

Right on the dot, your butler would come to your villa in the morning and set it up.

Sumptuous English breakfast.

Heavenly bread!

Figured it was too much food just for breakfast, so we took the rest of it to the little pool-side table.

When we first got to our villa, we were too tired to head out for lunch so we ordered some food off the menu.

Nasi goreng ayam that was nicely plated with awesome chilli. | US$5.50

Angel-hair seafood pasta which the missus simply LOVED! | US$7.00

Got a little hungry at night and craved for good-old fried chicken. Called for in-room dining and food arrived shortly after. Goes really well with cold beer!

Fried chicken | US$5.00

Amana Spa

Included as part of the deal when we booked our 1-night stay was a 60-minutes Balinese massage. Housed in one of the villa, we made our appointment via our butler and headed for our spa appointment. We have always felt that a 6o-minutes massage is too short, which was why we topped-up extra money to extend it to 90-minutes instead.

It has been a while since we have had a massage as good as this. Excellent service, decent pressure, soothing music and nice tea. What’s not to like?

Team Amana

Of course, having said all this, none of it would be important without the most important aspect of Amana Villas – the team of dedicated staff who aims to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

I have to say that the concept of a butler really did work for Amana Villas. Most of the time, our butler was the one who interacted with us, made sure our requests are catered for, brought us our food, or even when we were checking out.

Usually we don’t like to trouble other people, but we really appreciated the help we got when we needed them. We requested help to make a reservation for dinner at Ku De Ta and Potato Head Beach Club which were both full, unfortunately. After some trying, the helpful Amana staff recommended us to head to The Bistrot instead, a lovely vintage restaurant where we enjoyed a really nice meal.

In-room dining service was quick, and the food was delicious. Turn-down service and a special surprise requested by me was prepared stealthily while we were out for dinner.

We may hardly see them, but I know that Team Amana is hard at work behind the scenes to make sure everything goes well. Kudos to them!

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