Chocolate Buffet, Fullerton Hotel, Singapore

Having visited a boutique hotel and a casino hotel, the last stop of the day brought us to yet another iconic hotel of Singapore – Fullerton Hotel. From the grand exterior to the classy interior, I felt that this was exactly what Marina Bay Sands failed to achieve.

At the time of writing, Fullerton Hotel is ranked #12 out of 239 hotels in Singapore on TripAdvisor, while Marina Bay Sands was a paltry #139.

I’ve always felt that Fullerton Hotel exudes a certain historic charm. Fitted with warm lights, it gave the place (and all my photos) an inviting feel. On a Saturday night, The Courtyard wasn’t exactly crowded to begin with, which was exactly what I wanted.

Pardon the messy table in the picture below – a random snapshot of The Courtyard. Well, someone else is taking a photo of the chocolate buffet.

The interior of the hotel was spacious, with an empty central space that extends all the way up.

Just like numerous other reviewers have pointed out, the Fullerton Chocolate Buffet consists of only three tables. One for main pastry, one for chocolate fondue, and one for the chocolate drink. Below is main pastry table with all kinds of chocolate-related stuff.

It really depends on the individual, but both Shan and myself felt it was more than sufficient. Both of us aren’t really big-eaters, and chocolate does have a way of filling you up!

At the chocolate drink table, you can request for a chocolate drink to be custom-made for yourself. After selecting the desired cocoa concentration – we got a 55% and a 65% I think – the staff will make a drink for you on the spot. The end outcome? A yummy-licious hot chocolate!

A sample of some of the chocolate cakes, tarts and miscellaneous chocolate-y on our plate. Every single chocolate item tasted different! I mean, there’s toffee, hazelnut and banana cakes, in addition to an unknown salty tart just to name a few.

Over at the fondue station, chocolate pralines are available, right beside the marshmallows, honeydew and strawberries! A refreshing change after the strong tasting chocolate.

Skewer them using the sticks provided, and drench them in the glorious, sinful chocolate syrup. Aaah.

Got the helpful staff to take a picture of us while we blocked the main pastry station. Pity the photo turned out a little blur.

Overall, I felt that the service at Fullerton Hotel was superb. Each of the staff who served or attended to us were polite and were generous with smiles on their faces. Really great stuff that I’m glad to have the chance to experience.

Fullerton Hotel (website)
Address : 1 Fullerton Square
Tel : 6733 8388

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