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Posted by on May 4, 2014 in Free & Easy | 0 comments

Feng Chia Night Market, Taichung [Taiwan]

Feng Chia Night Market, Taichung [Taiwan]

When we knew we would be staying in Taichung, it was almost an obvious choice for us to stay near one of the night markets for easy and convenient access to the uber drool-icious food. Our top choice? Feng Chia Night Market! The market is located next to the Feng Chia University and is guaranteed to open till late.

From In One City Inn, one of the first stalls that caught our attention was this that specializes in spicy stinky tofu. With the mention of TVBS on its signboard, it didn’t quite live up to its reputation for us. Oops – no picture of the final product as it was a little lacklustre.

One of the longest queues at Feng Chia Night Market was spotted at this stall that sells “small sausage” in a “big sausage”! Basically, it is a pork sausage that is wrapped in a glutinous rice sausage. Both are grilled before being put together with an assortment of ingredients which included cucumber, peanut crumbs and chopped garlic. One word – awesome!

A huge crowd seemed to be a permanent fixture in front on this stall selling Thai prawns as the signboard indicates. AT NT$150 per portion, it is lightly pricier but for a good reason! You can choose from different flavours – pepper and chili, garlic, lemon, etc.The cooked prawns would be tossed in a pot together with the seasonings of your choice and the result is super savoury box of seafood – almost too salty!

Another of our favourite “must-eat” item is deep-fried cuttlefish. Typically, you get to choose the size of the cuttlefish, after which it will be fried and cut up into bite-size pieces before being served. Oh-so-good!

After all these delicacies that were frankly, a little too heavy for the taste-buds, there is nothing better that to wash it all down with a cup of papaya milk. Again, seemed like this stall was featured on a TVBS program as well. Yummy!

On our way back to the hotel from Feng Chia Night Market, it was a delight to spot one of our favourite stores selling Taiwan snacks – 3Q ???? (roughly translates to 3Q crispy chicken) – an opportunity not to be missed to pick up some crispy, deep-fried mushrooms. (The website provided is for their China franchise operations, which explains the price in RMB.)

Feng Chia Night Market – a place not to be missed if you’re ever in Taichung!

Feng Chia Night Market Wikipedia

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