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Posted by on Nov 12, 2009 in Resort | 0 comments

Nikoi Island : Day #3, 8th Nov 2009

Nikoi Island : Day #3, 8th Nov 2009

Rise and shine! After all the commotion yesterday, I was hoping for a day of peace and quiet. Sadly, no more pictures from me but Shan should be able to provide some!

We decided to have an early breakfast, and so woke up at 7am. My injured arm was causing me quite a bit of inconvenience, though it was nothing I couldn’t live with. Breakfast was similar to yesterday’s, and I got to repeat my horrible story from yesterday to the guests who asked. Likewise, many of Nikoi’s staff showed their concern and asked if I was feeling better today, to which I replied I did.

Found Anne having breakfast with her family, so we went over to thank her again for her help yesterday. Just something I felt I had to do, knowing that she’ll be returning to Singapore today. Exchanged our pleasantries and bid her goodbye.

Headed to the beach where we sat on the sun-loungers under the shade and looked on as other people enjoyed themselves under the sun! “We’ll be back to do all of that!” We told each other!


Families were having fun kayaking, paddle-boarding or out in the sea sailing with Nikoi’s staff. Kids were playing with sand and/or socializing with other kids. Although kids are usually not our thing, it was still nice to watch. Lazed under the sun for a good one hour and and decided it was time to return to our beach house, where Shan started another round of tanning.

Interestingly, the weather today was even better than yesterday. The sky was totally clear and blue, with little clouds. Hot hot hot! While Shan tanned, I opted to stay in the shade and read on the ‘swinging bed’. Next up was a photography session all around the beach house. Once Shan have the photos ready I’ll either put it up here or link to her Flickr.



Since our lunch was at 2pm, we washed up and headed to pool area and the wooden boardwalk. (click here to see map) Half expecting to see the spot where my little accident happened yesterday, we were surprised to see that the view from northeastern end of the island looks absolutely beautiful! It was high tide, and water totally covered the rocky white spots that says “access at low tide only”.


Ordered two cocktails – a Nikoi’s Sunset and a Yogi Coladas. Yogi Coladas was absolutely delicious and a must-try! Lunch was Asian cuisine – fruits, sweet and sour chicken, steamed tofu with broccoli. Once again, easily handled with one hand. Lucky me!


Perhaps it was the cocktails? Went back to our rooms and had the most wonderful afternoon nap. You would think that in a tropical afternoon, with no air-conditioning and sunny weather, it would have been extremely hot and uncomfortable? Heck, prior to our Nikoi’s experience, we thought so too! Surprisingly, one fan was all it took to make our stay comfortable.

Our last evening at Nikoi was a simple affair. Packed a little and tried to take some sunset photos but the clouds wasn’t helping at all. After dinner, we walked around a bit and admired the starry starry night. Quality time for the both of us =)

Nikoi Island : Relaxed By Nature

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