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Posted by on Nov 14, 2009 in Resort | 0 comments

Nikoi Island : Day #4, 9th Nov 2009

Nikoi Island : Day #4, 9th Nov 2009

Last days of our vacations are typically quiet affairs. Awoke to the sweet lullaby of the gentle rain as it drenched the whole of Nikoi Island. The first drops of rainfall we’ve seen in daytime in our 4 days here at Nikoi, a blessing considering the screwed up weather back in Singapore.

Final round of packing before we headed for our daily dose of  eggs, bacon and juice. Our ferry departure was at 2pm, which meant we had to leave Nikoi at 11am. (30-minutes boat ride to Kawal, 1-hour car ride to ferry terminal) As we returned from breakfast, Suhud and two other staff were already waiting at our beach house. Concluded with a final round of checks and made our way to Yogi’s Bar while they helped to carry our luggage.

Quite a number of guests leaving the island today! Must have been 14 people or something? Settled our bills which came up to a grand total of S$97.20, since almost everything (food, accommodation and transfers) was already pre-paid. Conspicuously included was an item named Hand Therapy for S$25. That was the cost of the treatment for my dislocated elbow which I had asked Mansud to include in our bills. Bid our goodbyes as we boarded the speedboat, with Suhud mischievously holding on to his elbow. Yeah, I’ll remember that.

Well, what do you know? It began to drizzle as we stepped into our car, and the rain came down hard as our car zipped through Bintan. It was a huge, mega-rain that pounded the island. Somehow, we realized how lucky we are seeing how we’ve come to take so many things for granted.

Rain or shine, these kids make their way to school which are like, freaking far away? To make it worst, most of the time there are no pavements or anything, so their best option is to walk on the road itself. Can anyone spell danger? With the unforgiving rain, we see groups of kids huddled under little huts or shelters as they waited the rain out. The entrances and front-yards of most houses buildings – including schools – were reduced to waterlogged puddles of mud.

So, there we were, in the relative comfort and dryness of our chauffeur-ed car, zipping through the winding roads of Bintan in the horrendous downpour. Our convoy of 4 cars managed to survive low visibility and overtaking maneuvers, finally arriving at the ferry terminal in a little over an hour.

For sure, we’ve found ourselves yet another slice of paradise just a stone’s throw away from Singapore that most people are not aware of. Without a doubt, Nikoi will have a special place rock in my heart.

Miscellaneous :

  • Photos (excluding Shan’s) taken with Canon PowerShot G10.
  • Nikoi Island booking can be done @ Asia Travel
  • Booking inclusive of accommodation, food (3 meals), transfers.
  • 7-days Visa charges of USD$10 is not applicable to Singapore citizens.
  • Nikoi’s guests are entitled to VIP clearance at customs when arriving at or departing from Bintan even though we are travelling on Economy Class.

Miscellaneous Part II (some things that you might wanna know) :

  • For an open-concept beach house, bugs are inevitable.
  • What you won’t have : tv, air-con, fridge, bath-tub, internet, telephone.
  • What you would have : ipod dock, fan, icebox, rain shower.

Nikoi Island : Relaxed By Nature

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