[Taipei] Hello Kitty Sweets Restaurant

We aren’t really big fans of Hello Kitty, but we decided to drop by for a quick visit anyway. As stated on the website, a reservation is necessary and we called the restaurant prior to our visit.

The cab driver who drove us to Hello Kitty Sweets knew immediately that we were tourists, and commented that there isn’t much at the area except for the restaurant. Without a doubt, the place looks gorgeous and was decked out in all sorts of Hello Kitty stuff.

Coaster and dining mat :

Napkin holder :

Each patron is subjected to a minimum spending of NT$300, so we each ordered a cake-plus-drink set. More cuteness ensues.

Well, unless you’re huge fan of Hello Kitty, there is probably nothing much for you there. The food and drinks were pretty average and the novelty wore off pretty quickly for us.

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