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Posted by on Jun 21, 2010 in Resort | 2 comments

Taiwan, Kenting : Day #5, Part 1 (Chateau Beach Resort Kenting)

Taiwan, Kenting : Day #5, Part 1 (Chateau Beach Resort Kenting)

Well, what do you know? We got lucky today! Even though we woke up late again, we’re happy to be able to see the sun and the blue sky! Looking down from our balcony, there were already people playing by the sea, wasting no time at all!

Quickly washed up and headed to Aegean Western Restaurant for their breakfast. Unfortunately, it was full of people again! Waited a couple of minutes before we were assigned seats. Breakfast was buffet style as well.

Since the weather was great today, we headed to Chateau’s service counter to arrange transport to bring us to Eluanbi Park to see the famed Eluanbi Lighthouse (鵝鑾鼻燈塔). Located at the southern most tip of Taiwan, it is also know as “The Light of East Asia”.

We learned that there are hardly any cabs at Kenting, and most of there are here because they ferried passengers here from Kaohsiung. To get to Eluanbi Park, we would have to arrange for transport at NT$300 per way. We agreed, and ask the counter to help us settle the transport. Travelling along the coast, the journey took us about 15-minutes. Alighting, we liaised with the driver for a return vehicle in an hour’s time.

Paid the entrance of NT$40 each and we entered Eluanbi Park. The place was much more crowded than we had expected, with scores of Chinese tourists. Lucky for us, the place was huge as well! A short trek up the hill and we reached the lighthouse.

Sadly, the lighthouse is not opened to the public. It would have been pretty fun to be able to go in and take some photos. A short walk led us to the southern-most shop in Taiwan.

Scattered around Eluanbi Park are a couple of other monuments and stuff. Also, there are mobile peddlers selling little gifts.

We thought that the vast expanse of greenery would be pretty fun for photoshoots! Tried taking a couple of funny poses, didn’t turn out THAT well.

Initially we tried to walk along the path to the coastal area, but the path was too long! Had no choice but to turn back instead. Lingered around for a little while before we made our way to the pickup point for our transport back to Chateau.

Was already past our check-out timing when we reached Chateau. Oops. The same guy who arranged our transport was kind enough to delay our check-out for us, but when we reached our room we realized our room card didn’t work anymore! Had to trouble him to re-activate our room cards. Double oops.

Quickly did one last round of packing and checking to ensure we did not leave anything behind, and off we went! Ah, regretted not having the chance to soak in the ocean-view bathtub one more time, but that is soon forgotten later on in the day. Had a little time to waste before our cab arrives, so we went outside to enjoy the sea-view once more.

Finally, a glimpse of how beautiful Chateau actually is. The shades of blue and green in the water where it meets the clouds in the unobstructed horizon. Beautiful.

Surprised that it was the same driver from yesterday who was at Chateau to drive us to Zuoying HSR, and he kindly helped us with our luggage. We dozed along the way again. At times, he chatted with us, telling us about little bits and pieces of Taiwan-ism.

All in all, it was a very fruitful trip to Kenting. The journey might be a little more troublesome than we had anticipated with all the luggage and stuff, it was well worth-ed it. Despite all the rain in the previous days, the heavens is good to us as we enjoyed one night and one morning of nice weather when it mattered the most. Amazing scenery, luxurious suite, great service at Chateau and delicious food made Kenting a memorable leg of our Honeymoon in Taipei.

Shall end this post with a couple more pictures of Taiwan HSR, and off we go to Taipei again where we have saved the best for the last.

For more info, please visit Shan Flickr!

Travel planning related information :

  • Cab ride from Chateau to Eluanbi Lighthouse (NT$300, 15-minutes, per car, per way)


  1. Enjoyed reading your post! We are planning our wedding at Chateau beach resort for march 2015 and I wanted to know how big the honeymoon suite is (thanks for the floor plan). Very detailed info on this resort and glad you guys enjoyed it!!

  2. Hi Cindy,

    Glad that you found our review useful! Cheers!

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