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Posted by on Dec 6, 2009 in Travel | 0 comments

Travel Insurance

You never know how important insurance is until you need it. After dislocating my elbow, I subsequently made 4 visits in 5 days to clinics and hospitals. It’s amazing how fast medical bills can accumulate. I’m lucky that I did not require surgery or hospitalization, or else I’m sure my medical bills would have been many times higher. I made my travel insurance claim and thankfully, NTUC Income was fast and efficient in processing my claim. One month after I dislocated my elbow, I’ll be receiving their cheque soon for all medical expenses incurred!

Breakdown of medical bill :

After I got back to Singapore, that very evening I went to a clinic to see a GP for him to take a look at my elbow. He bandaged my elbow, gave me some painkillers and wrote a referral to Alexandra Hospital (AH) Accident & Emergency (A&E) department.

Total cost = $58

Took a cab to Alexandra Hospital, which unfortunately could not be claimed. Upon registration at A&E, payment of $75 was made. Doctors looked at my elbow, took some x-rays, and concluded my elbow is fine (no fractures) and in the correct position. Referred me to an orthopedic.

Total cost = $58 + $75 = $133

Two days later, I went to a GP to clean my elbow and change my bandage. Prescribed a round of anti-inflamation medicine to keep the swelling down. Bill came up to $52.

Total cost = $58 + $75 + $52 = $185

Another two days later, had my orthopedic appointment at AH, and paid another $31 after government’s subsidy.

Grand total = $58 + $75 + $52 + $31 = $216

Needless to say, I will definitely continue to buy Travel Insurance when going overseas. If you’re not doing so, you might want to consider it =)

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