Carton King, CingJing [Taiwan]

We left Green Green Grassland in search of our next destination – Carton King. Carton King is a themed area of some sort, where everything is made of cardboard paper. Nightfall was soon approaching in the cold winter season. It was about dusk when we got to Carton King on foot, still enough daylight to snap a couple of pictures and take a quick look at the place.

There are many of these Carton King outlets in Taiwan. Some are stores, while others are restaurants.

Carton King (紙箱王) in CingJing – windmill located outdoors that lights up at night.

Inside the Carton King store, almost everything are made of cardboard and paper. This must be the highest Carton King outlet in Taiwan – 1750m!

These little paper and cardboard items on display are all for sale.

Interested in getting your own Leaning Tower of Pisa?

Miniature version of everything – house, trees, and more!

These items are for display only, so don’t sit on them!

Besides selling cardboard items, Carton King have other souvenirs and food items (such as tea and honey) for sale.

Overall, I would say that Carton King was an interesting little place and we purchased a couple of items to bring back home. The Carton King Restaurant is located at level two, but we didn’t manage to eat there as our dinner is provided by CingJing Starry House Minsu. Check out Carton King during your next visit to CingJing!


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