Taiwan, Taipei : Day #6 (Mulan Motel)

Totally concussed on the luxurious bed, we didn’t hear the alarms that we’ve set the previous night at all. When we were finally up, it was already 9-plus in the morning.

Rise and shine! The suite looks totally different in bright daylight!

How could we forget about our twin mascots! They enjoyed their time in the suite as well!

Placed right in front of our bed is an 65-inch television. It was simply great for the World Cup matches! One thing I’ve forgotten to mention – not just the TV is remote controlled. If you want, you can switch off the TV and turn up the background music in the entire suite, choosing from four channels.

Also, you can toggle between different mood-lightings. The remote-control can access an in-built entertainment system within Mulan that provides video-on-demand.

Another couple of shots of the restroom in daytime.

A little passage that leads to the toilet bowl that is hidden in a little corner.

Just like Chateau, Mulan was equally generous in offering complimentary Crabtree & Evelyn products.

The living area is much brighter, but not as special during the day. It is incredibly spacious though, can’t deny that. Due to the themed decorations at Mulan, the motel been used in various shows and photoshoots.

As mentioned in the earlier post, the suite is served by a single lift from the garage. Sunlight enters the suite via the glass windows and walls, lighting up the entire area.

Initially, we planned on heading to the restaurant to have our breakfast. Turned out it was too late, but all is not lost! Mulan provides delivery for breakfast at 1-hour intervals, at a fee of NT$100.

Dialed for room service, and breakfast was delivered at 10am. How do you provide room service, and yet not disturb the privacy of the guests? A simple idea that is simply perfect.

A neon sign is installed in the suite, near the bed area. When food or drinks have been delivered, the sign lights up. In case no one notices the sign, Mulan’s staff will give the room a ring, informing you. Then, all we have to do is open the door to our suite and retrieve our food from the tray.

Breakfast was an mixture of potato and salad, boiled egg, ham and bread. Comes with two cups of iced milk tea too!

After breakfast, we decided it was time for a little outdoor activity. Filled the jacuzzi with warm water for a soothing dip (with flower petals), before heading into the swimming pool.

Despite the clear-looking sky, it was still drizzling, which meant the water was very, very cold! Brrr!

Tapped the white button, which triggered an insanely powerful blast of (cold) water from the water jet. Is it even supposed to be therapeutic?! Maybe with warmer water, I guess.

Took a little persuasion and a little dragging before I finally got Shan into the pool. The length and depth of the pool made it great for a nice swim.

The rain must have caused some of these flowers to fall into the pool. A nice touch eh?

Before we know it, we’re running out of time again! Once again, we dropped the idea of going to Mulan’s restaurant for lunch, and opted for room service instead.

Went through their menu, and decided on 烧卖, 虾饺, 灌汤包, and a Thai-style curry chicken set meal. The food took some time before they were delivered to our room, and we practically had to rush a little to shower, pack, and ensure we didn’t leave anything behind.

The food was surprisingly good! Yummy!

The original check-out time was supposed to be 12pm. We had extended it by two hours with Mulan, and also requested for them to arrange for a cab to bring us to Taoyuan International Airport. Guessed the cab driver had a little trouble locating the motel. It was already 2:20pm before the front desk gave our room a call, informing us that our cab is waiting at our garage.

Took one last look at our Water Dance Suite, and took the lift down to our garage. The return journey to Taoyuan International Airport was uneventful, and the only trouble we encountered was the amount of luggage we had with us. After checking in, we had ample time to roam around the airport.

Had a little food at Just Cafe – a Club Sandwich and 小笼包. Both were delicious, but the iced milk tea really sucks.

I guess the weather reflected our moods – sad and gloomy – as we waited for our flight back to Singapore. This concludes our 6-days-5-nights Taiwan honeymoon trip. Despite the uncooperative weather, I’ll say everything went well and according to what we have planned.

In our first three days in Taiwan, we busied ourselves with the hustle and bustle of Taipei city. Right from the moment we landed, we were caught in a traffic jam en-route to our hotel but thankfully, it didn’t disrupt our plans. The next two days went well, apart from the fact that the weather somewhat restricted our activities. Without a doubt, the Jay Chou concert was an absolute highlight of our trip.

We were incredibly lucky that the rain stopped while we’re at Kenting, allowing us to take a break from city life to bask in the beautiful scenery of Taiwan. The Honeymoon Suite at Chateau was superb, and looked even better than what we saw on pictures. Given the chance, we would have loved to stay a few more days!

Mulan did not disappoint at all. While there is none of the typical sandy beaches or gorgeous sea-views, Mulan delighted us in every other aspect of resort-living. Surely, it has exceeded our expectations, and we would definitely be back in Taiwan to experience more of their famed motels!

Ready for our next destination?

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14 thoughts on “Taiwan, Taipei : Day #6 (Mulan Motel)”

  1. Well, not that I’m aware of I guess (but I could be wrong!), since these “love motels” are typically catered for couples =)

  2. Hi there, may i know where do you get to book this room? There is one website but it seems like it is always down. Hope you are able to provide an alternative. Thanks!

  3. Oh, didn’t know Mulan’s website is STILL down.

    Previously, we contacted Taipei Mulan Motel via email at taipeimulan[at]swmall[dot]com[dot]tw to reserve our room.
    They don’t reply to their emails that promptly, so you got to be patient.
    Payment is made only when we are at the motel.

    You may also call them using their number at http://www.swmall.com.tw/order.php

    Hope this helps!

  4. Hi there,

    Just to enquire, what time did you guys check-in and out? I am planning to book a room for the last night for my taipei trip. Will it be advisable cos we will be checking out from another hotel in the afternoon and we do not want to have to drag our luggages around till the check-in time (which states 9pm on the website).

    Please help. Thanks!!

  5. @JW
    If I recall correctly, we stayed at Mulan Taipei on a weekday, and the official check in-time was 6pm, check-out time was following day 12pm. We extended check-out time by 2 hours, thus checking out at 2pm.

    From Mulan’s website, it seems to imply that the earliest check-in time for weekends is 9pm.

    In our email correspondence with Taipei Mulan, they said that we cannot do an early check-in, and check-out timing can be extended up to 3 hours, and chargeable by the hour.

    For your case, you might want to leave your luggage at your hotel after checking out (many hotels allow this) and do whatever you like in the afternoon. Then, retrieve your luggage from your hotel at perhaps 5pm, and then make your way to Mulan. (I’m assuming your stay is on a weekday here)

    Not sure if they still work the same way now, better make a check with them? Hope this helps :)

  6. Hi, do you remember how much you paid for this room?
    Also, do you know if they have other hotel that have nice suite near XMD/Taipei Main Station?

  7. @Karen
    For this particular suite, we paid 7,250 Taiwan Dollars for 1 night.
    Extension is priced at 800 Taiwan Dollars per hour.

    If you are referring to Mulan having other hotels near Ximending, or other boutique motels near XMD, I don’t think so.. Not too sure about this though, you’ll have to do more research online =)

  8. Is there a jacuzzi inside? What are the other features of this room that they did not add in the website? What should I be expecting? Will there be full privacy? Will I be hearing the city street outside? Isn’t this the Maple Dance? Do you recommend it?

  9. @Aristotle

    Yes, there is an indoor jacuzzi. All features are covered in my blog post. Expect a motel, and not a hotel. It’s all about privacy! Nope, no city street noises were heard. As mentioned in my previous post, this is the Water Dance suite, and as you can see from my write-up, personally I’ll highly recommend it.

    For check-in and check-out timing, I’ve answered a similar question above. See my reply to JW for more information =)

    “If I recall correctly, we stayed at Mulan Taipei on a weekday, and the official check in-time was 6pm, check-out time was following day 12pm.”

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