Turboprop Airliner in Singapore

Our first experience with turboprop airliners was with Berjaya Air in June 2009, when we flew to Japamala Resort on Tioman Island, via Seletar Airport. Nothing exciting, except for the fact that some misty, cloud-like stuff that seeped into the cabin midway through the flight. I later found out that we were riding on the Dash-7,  a 48-seater that was last produced in erm, 1988.

You can see from the image below – the aircraft on the left is a 4-engine Dash-7, while the one on the right is a twin-engine ATR 72-500.

Needless to say, I won’t be riding on any more Dash-7s anytime soon! Not to worry though, Berjaya Air has since purchased four 72-seater ATR 72-500s to replace its ageing fleet. The overhaul will be completed by end 2010.

Berjaya Air has been operating out of Seletar Airport in Singapore for more than 20 years. Seletar Airport might have its charms, but our experience with it leaves much to be desired. Come end of the year, and its operations will be shifted to Changi’s Budget Terminal. Coincidentally, Firefly, which operates out of Budget Terminal in Singapore, owns a fleet of ATR 72-500s as well. The Firefly airliner looks like the one below.

Perhaps the change might do some good to the overall experience and level of service. Ready to hop on a turboprop airliner anytime soon?

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