Tailoring a (Wedding) Suit in Singapore : Part 2

Updated on 15th March, 2011.

Mr. Wong has already moved to Bras Basah Complex for about a month or so.
His trademark signboard was nowhere to be seen when I visited his new store.

Bras Basah Complex #01-31

If you have made suits with Mr. Wong, cravats are available for rental, each at $20 deposit.
Return the cravat to get back your money!

Updated on 3rd October, 2010.

It has been two weeks since I’ve worn my suit during my brother’s wedding. I’ve made a final trip back to Dickson Menswear to collect my second pair of pants that was tailored as part of the package. Once again, the experience was hassle free. Tried on the pants, and paid the remaining balance of $50 after confirming all was OK – in just 5 minutes.

Mr Wong did give a final piece of advice – keep one pair of pants together with the suit, and not wear it. This is to ensure that there is always a brand-new suit ready to be worn, as the fabric of the pants was made to match the suit’s fabric.

All in all, it was a satisfactory experience throughout the few appointments that I had with Mr. Wong. Earlier on, I had mention that his cosy little store is located at Suntec City, but I had forgotten to say it is in Tower 4. Attached a photo of his shop’s signboard for easy identification!

Dickson Menswear (S) Pte Ltd
Suntec City Mall 3, Temasek Boulevard
Singapore 038983
#B1-052 Tower 4, Below Carrefour (next to escalator)
Tel : 6836 9078

He has moved, but his telephone number remains unchanged.

Dickson Menswear (S) Pte Ltd
Bras Basah Complex #01-31
Tel : 6836 9078

Good luck with your suit-making experience!

The post below was first published on 15th August, 2010.

The frequent visits to my tailor is starting to make me detest the peak-hour crowds at City Hall MRT and Suntec City. Oh well, I can take a breather for now, because I don’t have a reason to go there anymore.

By the way, I finally have a tailor-made suit to call my own! Till now, I have not revealed who my tailor is.
*drum rolls*

He is none other than Mr. Wong from Dickson Menswear. His shop, with a cute little yellow signboard, is located in Suntec City near Carrefour, at Basement 1, beside Pizza Hut.

If you’ve been roaming around Singapore Brides or HardwareZone looking for information on tailoring a wedding suit, no doubt his name would have appeared on your radar. Despite reading mixed reviews (people tend to have an issue with his attitude it seems) on his services, I decided to give it a try, and he did not disappoint us at all!

* Please note that he works on an appointment-only basis, so you need to give him call to schedule a time first.

Our first impression of the shop? It is so tiny that you barely have space to walk in it, and all kinds of suits were on display there. Once there, we had a nice, long chat with Mr. Wong, who took his time to explain to us how does tailoring a suit work, and what kind of package he offers. We didn’t have any problems with him, unlike some others who did.

Despite not having to make a decision on the spot, I made up my mind to enlist his services. The primary reason being that he came across to me as having the traits of a “old school” tailor. During our conversation with him, he would include snippets of information about how things used to work in the past, and that nowadays people prefer so-and-so and don’t like this-and-that. Also, he would explain why certain parts of a suit are made a certain way, and how a suit is to be worn etc.

All these, I feel, are value-added little things which didn’t make me feel as if he is just out to make my money. I ended up taking a package from him, which includes the suit jacket, a long sleeve shirt, and two long pants. The choice of my fabrics for both the jacket and the shirt sort of increased the price a little, so do confirm the pricing before deciding your fabrics, just in case. Total cost? S$450. Only a token deposit was required at this moment, and he said any amount will do (any.. wh.. what?) – we handed him S$50.

Now, I understand that the price is not the cheapest – you can definitely get the same deal at a lower price if you were to visit Peninsula Plaza or Chinatown. Would the level of service be the same? At the end of the day, all I can say is that it was money well spent for myself as everything came out the way I wanted, and right on schedule too.

One important thing to note – it’s highly recommended you have something in mind before tailoring a suit at Dickson Menswear. He isn’t exactly the type to give you ideas, although you could take a look at the existing suits in his shop as a guide. After all, you’ll need to know the anatomy of a suit prior to customizing it!
(refer to my previous post for more information)

5 thoughts on “Tailoring a (Wedding) Suit in Singapore : Part 2”

  1. Dickson tailor has been around since the 70’s. I worked for him as a delivery boy. A very humble person from humble beginings.

    he is now located at Bras Basah Complex #01-31 near the macDonald’s…cheers!

  2. @passerby!
    Personally, I’ve never seen ladies who tailor clothes there.
    Perhaps you could give him a call and ask?

    Dickson Menswear (S) Pte Ltd
    Bras Basah Complex #01-31
    Tel : 6836 9078

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