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Posted by on Sep 16, 2010 in Wedding | 1 comment

Wedding Preparation : Spartacus Workout

Wedding Preparation : Spartacus Workout

Updated on 11th October, 2010.

I’ve added a download-able PDF guide to the Spartacus Workout, courtesy of Men’s Health. And just so you know, the Spartacus Workout isn’t just for guys out there! Check out this lady who completes the workout way better than I do – I’m very, very impressed!

The post below was first published on 16th September, 2010.

At the moment, it seems as though this blog should be called Wedding and Travel Blog instead. My blog posts at the moment seemed to be split between my wedding preparation and my travel adventures.

Anyway, in my long term, 1-year plan to get into good shape for my wedding next year, I’ve adopted the Spartacus Workout recently. Fresh from ending my 8-sessions IPPT Prep Training stint, I’ve decided keeping still is not the way to go.

Wanna look like Andy Whitfield of Spartacus : Blood and Sand?

If a challenge was what I wanted, I definitely got what I was looking for! Let’s hope the links posted below don’t break. As always, Google is your best friend!

  • Men’s Health Spartacus Workout [link] [link]
  • Youtube Spartacus Workout [link]
  • Spartacus Workout PDF Guide [link] *freebie*

Why Spartacus Workout? Firstly, it requires little to no special equipment. All I needed was a 5-kg Kettler dumb-bell. However, I did use a little creativity to get past the use of a hexagon dumb-bell.

Billed as a high-intensity circuit, it certainly lives up to its name! It sure is one tough workout.  A set takes 12 minutes and 15 seconds to complete. At my current condition, I could complete 2 out of the 3 recommended set of exercises, 2 days a week. Needless to say, at the end of the second set, my (unfit) body is already totally drained and I’m sweating buckets comparable to a 2.4km run.

Let’s hope I can persevere and continue with my plan – keep fit and live well!

1 Comment

  1. Hi there, I just got a backlink to your blog, thanks for the mention :D It’s a great workout to do and you’ll get into amazing shape if you keep on challenging yourself.

    I recently re-did the Spartacus with my 16kg Kettlebells instead of the 12kg if you want to check it out below:

    Cheers again for the mention ;)


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